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참가업체 상세(2023)

(주)레겐보겐(Regenbogen Co., Ltd.)

(주)레겐보겐(Regenbogen Co., Ltd.)

주소 (13460)경기 성남시 분당구 산운로208번길 23 (운중동, the 지음) 2F
전화번호 031-706-3285 팩스번호 031-706-3286
홈페이지 iregenbogen.com
부스번호 G240
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    Regenbogen Co., Ltd. is an aesthetic medicine company for dermatology. Our effort focuses on providing effective and reliable aesthetic solutions with the latest technique, which developed alongside the fast-changing trend. We always strive to find better ways for skin care and rejuvenation treatment from the foundation of research and trials with medical experts. As life expectancy has rapidly increased, the importance of the anti-aging field has been recognized with the desire for a youthful appearance. In this regard, we believe that aesthetic treatment must towards simple ways of minimally invasive, low risk, and less complicated. With our goal to define the general solution for nonsurgical anti-aging treatment, we’ll keep challenging for better ideas, methods, and quality.

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