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Vdo biotech launches new magnetic beads for nucleic acid extration
2022-02-10 조회수 : 488

 VDO Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovative microsphere technologies, announced that they had launched a new hydroxyl(OH)-coated magnetic beads for nucleic acid isolation and purification on December 16, 2021.


                                                         Product name 3:new magnetic beads for nucleic acid extration


 Vdo biotech’s new magnetic beads (cat.no. MS02HA) offers a simple and reliable method of nucleic acid extraction for a various of samples which can be suited for a range of IVD applications. MS02HA has fast magnetic response speed, excellent suspension, and outstanding hydrophilicity and nucleic acid capture ability. In addition, it is highly efficient in extracting nucleic acids from virus, pseudovirus particles and small fragments. So, it is suitable for a variety of sample types, suitable for automated nucleic acid extraction, and is an ideal choice for biological sample purification.



Case Study


To verify the performance of MS02HA, we utilized the pure nucleic acids and nuclease-free water to simulate virus samples for testing.

  1. Method: add 200μl (1000 copies/ml) of nucleic acid fragments into a tube, use MS02HA for extraction, the eluate is 100μl of nuclease-free water. And then the pure nucleic acid and the eluate after extraction are amplified under the same conditions.
  2. Result: the qPCR results showed that the CT value of the pure nucleic acid solution was 0.8 higher than that of eluate, so it has been proved that MS02HA magnetic microspheres have high capture ability for small nucleic acid fragments. 

Extraction Reagent

Magnetic Beads


Amplification Reagent


CT Value

Reagent A



Reagent B

Pure Nucleic Acids


Regent A



Regent B

Nuclease-Free Water





                                                                       Product name 4:Case Study



Ordering Information



Surface groups




brownish black



Virus, pseudovirus particles and small fragments