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Arazy Group to showcase Global Medtech Registration Platform for Korean Medical and IVD Device Manufacturers
2021-02-26 view : 503

Arazy Group Consultants Inc. is a global leader in regulatory affairs who assist medical device manufacturers in obtaining approvals for their products in foreign markets. With 25 years of experience, Arazy Group created LICENSALE® 2.0- a suite of online software solutions allowing Medtech professionals access to a full-capability regulatory platform designed to streamline global market access and generate growth.


LICENSALE® is an all-in-one global regulatory affairs system. It comes complete with the knowledge and assistance of Arazy Group regulatory experts and has been in use since 2013, processing thousands of product registrations, world-wide. The upgraded system features an intuitive new interface, ready-to-use medical and IVD device registration applications and process management tools for 140 countries. It also includes a unique infographic GR-MAP™ and Market Access Readiness Index (MARI%™) for market analysis, planning and real-time registration management and reporting. 


LICENSALE® 2.0 – Global Medtech Registration Platform