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MEDIKORS, ‘InAlyzer AIR (64ch True Fan beam Bone densitometry)’ introduces the new functions.
2021-02-26 view : 626

MEDIKORS (CEO Killian Yoon, www.medikors.com/en) exhibits ‘InAlyzer AIR and InAlyzer Core (64ch True Fan beam Bone Densitometry) that have acquired CE certificate & KFDA. In addition, it will introduce ‘InAlyzer and InAlyzer Q’ supplied to national & public institutes in USA, Denmark, Spain at KIMES 2021 in Seoul, Korea on March 18-21, 2021.


‘InAlyzer AIR’ is 64-channel True Fan beam Bone densitometry based on DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) technology and is the Unique DR mode image BMD in Korea. It provides high resolution DR image and BMD image bone densitometry that can be viewed together with measurement results through PACS.


‘InAlyzer AIR’, which provides a high-resolution image comparable to global companies with a fast scan speed of 30 seconds, is expected to show improved performance in this KIMES 2021.


‘InAlyzer AIR’ provides high-resolution DR image and ‘InAlyzer Core’ boasts a scan speed of 10 sec.


The images provided by Bone densitometry are not for diagnosis, but they not only provide the convenience of setting up the accurate ROI (Region Of Interest), also provide radiological image information to doctors and it helps to resolve the frustration of low-quality images by other bone densitometry.



                     - BMD mode image -                                            - DR mode image -


 ‘InAlyzer core’ was approved by CE earlier this year, is also based on 64ch True Fan beam technology and it can be measured at an amazing speed of 10 seconds, which is of high interest from medical centers that are in high demand from patients.


‘innerVue3’ has the largest number of color maps in Korea, provides high-resolution full digital infrared images, and is attracting a lot of attention from hospitals for its automatic location functions according to patient height and functions optimized for patient body heat measurement.




‘InAlyzer’ and ‘InAlyzer Q’


‘InAlyzer’, the World-first 108µm DXA body composition analysis for lab animals, has been recognized for its technology related to DXA by research institutes and universities in USA, Denmark and Spain. And numerous papers using ‘InAlyzer’ have been published. In addition, it is recognized for its high technological prowess, such as acquiring a number of DXA related patents and is expected the further steps in the future.