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Three-D desk, an ergonomic smart workstation that prevents Forward Neck Posture and Slouched Back, unveiled at KIMES 2021.
2021-02-25 view : 541

Yoon Ergonomics premium ergonomic desk brand 'Three-D desk' (President SUNGYOON KIM, www.threeddesk.com), which was well received by CES in the United States, will showcase an ergonomic desk and a smart workstation at Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2021).


Recently, due to COVID 19, home office products are in the spotlight with attention on work-at-home. Yoon Ergonomics, as Korean functional furniture manufacturer, owns a premium ergonomic desk brand, Three-D Desk, a human-friendly desk helping with proper posture.


“It is difficult to prevent Forward Neck Posture and Slouched Back syndrome with only a height-adjustable desk”

Electric standing desks suitable for 'standing work' are now quite common, being used in famous companies such as Google and Facebook and by individuals. The common principle of a standing desk is that when standing up, it relieves neck, shoulder, and back pain, and improves concentration and blood circulation.


However, simply working in a standing posture cannot prevent cervical spine diseases such as forward neck posture, slouched back, etc. Therefore, standing desk users still use their desks with poor posture.


On the other hand, the Three-D desk is the only one in the world that can be used while sitting or standing, with the upper body in correct posture. This fundamentally prevents scoliosis and spinal disk disorder through structural engineering.

The Three-D desk is intended to create an environment in which the desk can be used in correct posture by fundamentally preventing the 'incorrect posture' while in front of a desk that causes spinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases such as the chronic forward neck posture and spinal disk disorder of modern people. It is a dream come true desk system that has been researched and tested by experts for over 10 years to find the ideal angle for correct posture.


“Essence of Ergonomic Desk, Smart Workstation W-T271”

In the midst of rapid technology advancement, technological development has been strangely very slow in the office environment, especially when it comes to desks. Until now, the desk has been impeded, ignoring the structure and movement characteristics of the human body. The Three-D desk Smart Workstation provides a new work environment with an innovative structure for people who have been forced to adapt their body to existing desk structures.

W-T271 is a multi-monitor electric workstation that organically combines a triple monitor setup + an angle adjustable desk + a height adjustable desk.

Since conventional desks fix the monitor arm to the top and attach the monitor to the monitor arm mount, it was very difficult to properly adjust multiple monitors at any time.


However, the Three-D Desk is very simple, and you can move the monitor and angle with the push of a button so that the position of the monitor and various documents can be immediately adjusted according to the eye level of the user according to their posture. In other words, by simply adjusting the three sides, including the monitor, the document, and the horizontal desk, with electric power, the three sides match the body structure of the worker, keeping the computer worker in correct posture.


In addition, 'W-T271' is composed of an innovative three-dimensional space capable of various tasks. You can work more comfortably and effectively with triple monitors. There is also an angled board you can mount that allows you to see many documents and various visual aids with a monitor at a glance. It also includes a Logitech 4K webcam to facilitate video conferencing, which is essential for business, and there is plenty of space to set up auxiliary devices such as speakers, lighting, and microphones in the most appropriate position for a more professional live meeting environment. As such, the W-T271 is designed to be ergonomic in terms of function and structure, providing an optimal working environment for any work.


Three-D desk Product Lineup

The Three-D desk, a smart workstation/professional ergonomic desk brand, provides the following lineup.

-Triple monitor workstation model for streamers and creators, such as 'YouTubers' the emerging high-income job equivalent of traditional high-income professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and stock investors

-Dual monitor workstation model for work-at-home and general office workers

-Ergonomic desk model without a monitor for children, students, and adults who read and study at their desks for extended periods


Three-D desk, which has patents in 9 countries around the world, such as Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and China including US patent 8789474 B2, is expanding its business area by participating in various trade fairs in the US, Korea, and Japan.

Starting with CES2021, KIMES2021 they are aiming to launch and sell in the US from the second half of this year and are looking for partners in the United States, Japan and EU that can generate win-win strategies together.

For partnership and investment proposals are available by contacting www.threeddesk.com or marketing manager Jenny Kim (Jenny@threeddesk.com).


Triple Monitor Smart Workstation W-T271 for Executive/Directors


Ergonomic Angle Adjustable Desk for kids, DS-1200


Dual Monitor Ergonomic Workstation W-D271