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BIGSITE, Pilates Innovation Ubiquitous Realization Healthcare Rehabilitation Specialist Organization! Start ‘My body and health with Wellpilatech’!
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BIGSITE, Pilates Innovation Ubiquitous Realization Healthcare Rehabilitation Specialist Organization!

Start ‘My body and health with Wellpilatech’!



March 10, 2022 — BIGSITE (CEO: Jang Kyung-won, www.bigsite.com) Wellpilatech, the No. 1 Pilates system specializing in Pilates rehabilitation and posture correction, will run from March 10 (Thu) to 13 (Sun). Participate in KIMES 2022 held at COEX.


BIGSITE Headquarters is a professional Pilates leader training and instrument manufacturing brand Carepilates since 2003. It is a Wellpilates brand that was created through clinical research with physical therapists and Pilates experts. did


The key to hosting the International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition held at COEX for 4 types of 'Wellpilatech Auto Cadillac, Wellpilatech Auto Reformer, Wellpilatech Auto Chair, Wellpilatech Auto Leather Barrel'. We plan to introduce Wellpilatech directly while communicating with each other at the scalpel exhibition hall.





Wellpilatech is an automatic rehabilitation professional Pilates equipment that intensively manages rehabilitation and body shape management. Carepilates is △Royal Wood Cadillac △Royal Wood Reformer △Royal Wood Chair △Royal Wood Leather Barrel △Centerline Cadillac △Centerline Reformer △Centerline Chair △Centerline Leather Barrel △Modern Cadillac △Modern Reformer △Modern Chair △Modern Leather Barrel It is continuously expanding its lineup by introducing new products following a number of Carepilatesdevices.


Well-Pilatec recognizes that customers in various fields such as musculoskeletal disease management, function recovery after an accident, body shape correction, post-surgical management, sports conditioning, pregnant Pilates, Kids Pilates, and senior Pilates are interested in health care and want to self-manage intensively. This product was developed with this in mind.





As detailed functions of the Wellpilates Auto Cadillac Pilates machine, body horizontal gifting, bed tilting left, bed tilting right, trunk lifting, trunk leg lifting, and trunk tilting leg lifting are possible. The Wellpilates Auto Chair and Wellpilates Auto Rader Barrel are available in a choice of leather color. As detailed functions of the Pilates machine, extension lifting, barrel side lifting, leather site lifting, and automatic barrel sliding are possible.


The Pilates system of a total of 4 automatic Pilates system versions can be used as an independent system, so it has the advantage that it can be customized for each environment, such as universities and general hospitals, as well as oriental medicine hospitals, oriental clinics, and department hospitals. For further purchase inquiries, visit the Wellpilatech appliance brand website or call the phone number below to make an appointment for a visit and then directly demonstrate and purchase. In addition, consulting is provided as a service for training on how to use the instrument,


웹사이트: http://www.wellpilatech.co.kr