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At KIMES 2022, VNTC showcases an upgrade version of scoliosis brace "Spinamic."
2022-02-16 view : 1913

VNTC (CEO Paul Roe) announced the introduction of the upgrade version of 'Spinamic,' at ‘KIMES 2022', the 37th international medical device and hospital facility exhibition held in Seoul, Korea from March 10th (Thu) to 13th (Sun).


KIMES is one of world’s largest medical device exhibitions, which has grown steadily along with the development of the Korean medical industry to improve national health, develop medical technology and revitalize medical and hospital-related industries. KIMES will be held at COEX exhibition hall in Seoul.


During the event, VNTC (Booth number: A245) will introduce scoliosis brace "Spinamic," recently released which is powered by the patient monitoring sensor, as well as the world’s first wearable “TLSO brace".





Spinamic is a vest-type hybrid brace that combines the correction principle of the rigid brace and the convenience of the dynamic brace. Spinamic can be worn from mild patients to adults and even disabled patients who were abandoned due to difficulties in wearing conventional scoliosis brace.


The conventional brace, made of plastic, takes at least two weeks to mold the patient's body with plaster. However, Spinamic can be immediately customized and provided to patients through X-ray analysis and body measurement on the same day of diagnosis.


In KIMES 2022, you can also see the upgraded version of 'Spinamic' with sensor recently released by VNTC. The recommended wearing time for scoliosis patients is 18 hours a day, but only a few patients fully comply with the wearing time. The sensor allows parents and doctors to track if the patient has successfully complied with the wearing time. VNTC officials explained that it helps comply with the recommended wearing time and enables systematic management of patients based on data.


VNTC also introduces a new tech-driven TLSO brace. Existing TLSO braces may fail to press the skin, making braces unstable. However, VNTC's TLSO closely supports the skin to relieve pain through double pressure and maximizes user's fit, dramatically improving clinical output. In addition, patients can wear Spinamic TLSO like underwear due to its air mesh materials with excellent breathability.


In June 2021, VNTC signed a domestic distributor contract with Dong-A ST, one of the biggest pharmaceuticals in Korea. As a result, VNTC established and expanded nationwide distributorship, while also actively developing overseas markets.