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Specialized medical device manufacturer, DAIWHA CORP,. LTD.
2022-02-14 view : 1625

DAIWHA Corporation, Ltd. Has been 43years and is a specialized company as a manufacturer of infusion pump and Surgical unit. Focusing on your life the most, DAIWHA has been trying to serve you with a better medical environment.


DAIWHA’s infusion pumps mainly have various features of high accuracy, user convenience and IV set & syringe library. it is also equipped with Central Monitoring System (wireless), which facilitates monitoring infusion state to the patient in real time and it can be used for Patient Control Analgesia and Target controlled Infusion.


Electrosurgical Unit called DE400 is a complex energy platform, all in one. It enables use of bipolar electric energy with monopolar and bipolar at the same time in a generator. In laparoscopic surgery as well as laparotomy, bipolar energy device, which is used for cut and coagulation of blood vessels and tissues are activated by a single generator included the function of electrosurgical unit. For the patient's safety, DE400 has also functions such as Auto Power Control and Auto Power Stop.


MEDISONIC DU-SERIES is an ultrasonic energy device that is used for cutting and sealing blood vessels and tissue during open and minimally invasive surgery. It is first domestic surgical energy device in 90% market share of global medical device manufacturers. The integrated transducer which converts electricity into ultrasonic energy reduces the cost of continuous replacement and sterilization. Moreover, it provides convenience as the cable is not twisted during operation. MEDISONIC(338g) is made of lightweight materials to minimize fatigue of user’s wrist by being lighter than other products



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