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PaxGenBio Co., Ltd., Participating in the Exhibition ‘KIMES 2022’, Establishing a Global Marketing Network
2022-02-08 view : 1794

 PaxGenBio Co., Ltd (CEO Young Suk Park), a platform company specializing in molecular diagnosis, recently announced that it plans to participate in the 37th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2022) at COEX in Seoul for 4 days from March 10th(Thursday) to 13th(Sunday), establishing a global marketing network.


 ‘KIMES 2022’ is the largest medical & hospital equipment business platform exhibition in Korea held every March. Last year, 1,208 companies from 33 countries participated despite the spread of COVID-19.



                                                                     < KIMES 2021 PaxGenBio Exhibition Booth >



 At this exhibition, PaxGenBio focuses on presenting “PaxView ® STI 12 MPCR-ULFA Kit” to diagnose 12 sexually transmitted diseases, “PaxView ® ULFA Reader”, and COVID-19 related products. These products use core technology of PaxGenBio, “ULFA(Universal Lateral Flow Assay)”. They are recently released and are receiving favorable reviews overseas.



                                                                     < PaxView® STI 12 MPCR-ULFA Kit & PaxView® ULFA Reader >



                                                                     < PaxView® SARS-CoV-2 real-time RT-PCR Kit >



 Multi-Rapid molecular diagnostic system “MPCR-ULFA(Multiplex PCR-Universal Lateral Flow Assay) platform technology” consists of multi-molecular diagnostic technology that amplifies multiple genes at the same time, and molecular rapid array technology that quickly and accurately analyzes the results of multiple amplified genes.  Multi-rapid molecular diagnostic technology is an original technology capable of gene typing, with five patents registered, including U.S. patents, and is a quick and convenient molecular diagnostic kit that allows visual check of infection and genotype analysis.


Based on MPCR-ULFA platform technology, PaxGenBio developed and released


  • Paxview ® HPV 16/18/Others MPCR-ULFA Kit that analyzes infection of Human Papilloma Virus(HPV), a microorganism that causes cervical cancer, especially that of genotypes 16 and 18,
  • Paxview ® HPV 20 Genotyping MPCR-ULFA Kit that allows analyzing 20 species of HPV at the same time,
  • Paxview ® TB/NTM MPCR-ULFA Kit that allows analyzing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis(MTBC) and Nontuberculosis Mycobacteria(NTM) simultaneously,
  • Paxview ® STI 12 MPCR-ULFA Kit that diagnoses 12 species of sexually transmitted infectious diseases at a time,
  • Paxview ® SARS-CoV-2 MPCR-ULFA Kit that diagnoses infection of COVID-19.



                                              < PaxView® HPV 16/18/Others MPCR-ULFA Kit, PaxView® HPV 20 Genotyping MPCR-ULFA Kit >



                                              < PaxView® TB/NTM MPCR-ULFA Kit, PaxView® SARS-CoV-2 MPCR-ULFA Kit >



 PaxGenBio participated in “MEDICA 2021”, the world’s largest medical device fair “MEDICA 2021” held in Dusseldorf, Germany in November last year to find dealerships in Europe, and also set up promotional booth in “MEDLAB 2022” to expand its business in the Middle East and Africa.



                                                < MEDICA 2021 PaxGenBio exhibition booth, MEDLAB 2022 PaxGenBio exhibition booth >



PaxGenBio Overview


 PaxGenBio was established in 2015 as a molecular diagnostic company that develops, manufactures, and sells an in vitro diagnostic product portfolio targeting various infectious diseases and cancers. Based on MPCR-ULFA(Multiplex PCR-Universal Lateral Flow Assay) platform technology, which is a fusion technology for multi-molecular diagnosis and immuno-rapid diagnosis, it provides diagnosis of various infectious diseases(tuberculosis, cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infectious diseases), proceeds genetic analysis of 20 types of HPV and tuberculosis/non-tuberculosis antibacterial, provides a wide range of resistant simultaneous diagnosis and COVID-19 diagnosis products, and develops early diagnosis of cancer, future in vitro diagnosis convergence technology, and molecular diagnosis medical devices for POCT.


Homepage: http://paxgenbio.com/

Company introduction video: https://youtu.be/2bXc1sJmsS4

Technology introduction video: https://youtu.be/ZDyGmxk65qU