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UMI Optics

UMI Optics Booth No. C705


#913 Centerplus, 39 Mullae-dong 1-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, SEOUL 07371 KOREA







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Booth No. C705

UMI Optics is manufacturer of medical devices where has been established on 2015.06.01.
UMI optics has it's affiliated company 'UMI'.
'UMI', which is the mother company of UMI Optics was established on 2003, supporting lots of medical devices with digital imaging solution inter locked to hospitals and achieved recognition from both Domestic & Over seas market by inventing & manufacturing optical solution, on year 2015 UMI switched into corporation. Moreover, clean room facility has been established to manufacture lacrimal punctum plug which is tear preservative treatment for dried eyes.
Our company is on our procedure of inventing Infusion set which has flushing operation.
Lots of patents in Korea has been registered and have completed for overseas patents in 4 countries in US, China, Japan, Canada and the product is about to be launched soon. Our final goal is to maximize the business with our competitiveness from ophthalmology market to create new growth engine.