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Adipo LABs Co., Ltd.

Adipo LABs Co., Ltd. Booth No. D346


Woolim e-BIZ Center, 43, Yangsan-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea






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Booth No. D346

*Company profile

We present the best medical equipment with advanced technology and quality.
Since its inception, AdipoLabs has been committed to producing innovative products and developing top-notch technologies through constant research and development.
As a specialized manufacturer of high-frequency obesity equipment and hyperthermia cancer treatment equipment, we are developing and manufacturing medical, personal, and home medical devices based on high-frequency core technologies and creative ideas. In addition, we are building a sound corporate culture that can be trusted and enjoyable.
Thermal cancer treatment The field of medical industry is attracting renewed interest. AdipoLabs has a future-oriented competitive edge through drastic investment and innovation. And as a leader who keeps human health with challenge and enthusiasm, we are always leading with our customers.

AdipoLabs is aiming to achieve "healthy life", which is the greatest wish of humanity, through medical high frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment equipment(Remission 1℃).
The pioneer of medicine, "Hippocrates," mentions that in his Aphorism he can treat all diseases with fever.
We are continuing our research and efforts to open a new world of hyperthermia so that we can erase the pain of everyone suffering from incurable diseases.
We consider it our "mission" to enable humans to live a healthy and happy life without suffering from disease. And we are a healthy company that is always honest and sincere and contributes to social welfare.

* Company History

Developed the first high-frequency C.E.T equipment in Korea. : Supplied about 4,000 units to dermatology and Plastic Surgery in Korea, Singapore, and USA
Developed the world's first high frequency D.E.T equipment.
Development of ADIPO-TOLYSIS, ADIPO-ECO, ADIPO-7000D. / Company name changed to AdipoLabs.
Patent application for treatment method of high frequency cancer.
Developed REMISSION 1 ℃ equipment and established Qingdao China branch.
Clinical Experiments on Animal Deep part calorification in Korea University.
Establishment of affiliated research institute. Selected as INNOBIZ company.
Cosmetics release. : DR.JIN shampoo and other 4 kinds
REMISSION 1 ℃ High Frequency Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy Equipment Approval by Food and Drug Administration.
REMISSION 1 ℃ Suply to university hospital and local hospital.
Signed MOU for Daejeon University and MOU for biosyn Korea.
Participation in the Korean Society of Thermal Medicine and many other societies.
ADIPO-7000D Improvement Model research. Homepage Renewal.
Modification and production of catalogs and banners.
Daejeon University Dunsan Oriental Hospital has presented case study paper: REMISSION 1 ℃ Treatment Cases. Announced SCIE-level international journals.
Special seminar was held at Korea Integrated Cancer Society. : About REMISSION 1℃. At Seoul St Mary's Hospital.
REMISSION 1 ° C Obtained License for ARM.