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Ablelife Co., Ltd.

Ablelife Co., Ltd. Booth No. G224


102-20, Gik-Dong, Gwangju-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Rep of Korea






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Booth No. G224

We, Ablelife co. Ltd, are one of the leading companies in Korea(South),which manufacture and handle products for the disabled and elderly.
Our main products are sitting and standing systems for the pediatrics. These systems include school chairs, desks, tilting chair, dual-stander, etc.
We are selling imports of goods for people with disabilities. (Partners : Sammons Preston, DRIVE Medical, SEEDS, Nissin Medical, Wolff, Rebotec etc.)

We were founded in 2013. Our members have worked more than 10 years in same fields.
Now we have not only on-line shopping mall but also off-line stores and several regional agencies.
Our business is covered with retail sales, institution sales, and public sales.

URL of our Internet shopping mall is
Ablelife mall is the most typical shopping mall for the disabled in Korea.