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3D MediVision

3D MediVision Booth No. D314


Unit #1002 Baek-Nam Bldg,16, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04533, Rep. of KOREA






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Booth No. D314

[Company Introduction]
Since founded in 2011, 3D Medivision have been developing viewing 3D surgery images alongside recording the surgery scene simultaneously. 3D Medivision is making unremitting efforts to provide the most optimized services for the effective and efficient medical training and education across the globe.

M-FLIX is a camera for microscope surgery.
It is very simple to attach and is compatible with any microscopes hence not only limited surgeons but also many medical staffs could view real vivid 3d images at the same time connecting 3D TV and 3D glasses during the time of surgery.
M-FLIX gives surgeons to live surgery. It is used for neurosurgery, ENT, eye surgery, dental clinic and urology etc.

G-FLIX is a 3D camera for general surgery. Its Operation system is very similar to M-FLIX. It is attached to operation bed, table and tripod. It is mainly used in orthopedics and plastic surgery.

R-FLIX is a surgical video recording device.
After capturing on 3d cameras, it records 3D videos. Also, it can record both Da vinci robot surgery and 3D endoscope surgery.

SURGFLIX is a 3D online surgical contents platform service.