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AirLab Co.

AirLab Co. Booth No. G305


#212, Venture Incubation Center, Jeonju Univ, 303, Cheonjam-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea







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Booth No. G305

AirLab is a company that develops and produces 'Nase Clean', a nasal insert type mask that blocks dust, fine dust and pollen. The number of respiratory disease patients is 15% or more every year due to dust and dust, , And the number of deaths from air pollution accounts for 15.9% in Korea alone. 'Nose Clean' is a product that boasts excellent fit and excellent filtering, and serious changes in air pollution are calling for the necessity of this product more and more. Nose Clean is a three-stage 'nasal insert type mask' consisting of body, filter and double tube. The 'body' of LDPE material and 'double tube' made of silicone are semi-permanent use and replaceable natural filter It is a hygienic product. The most important 'filter' is composed of natural Korean paper and cotton. It is an eco-friendly material with 'phytoncide' added, which is excellent in bacterial cleansing function and lowered human stimulation. In addition, as a result of dust collection efficiency test, PM2.5 fine dust can be dropped to 58.3% ~ 69.1%.