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Title MAJUTECH to showcase A Non-contact Vascular Viewer System at KIMES 2019 IP
Date 2019-01-14 View 728

VeinVu 100 


VeinVu 100 visualizes the vessels on the skin surface by highlighting the vessels as augmented reality by utilizing the near infrared ray and DLP projection technology for patients who are unable to see the vessels during intravenous injection.



 A vascular viewer system that can reduce the failure of intravenous injections and increase the success rate is a product everyone can be satisfied with, reducing patient pain, procedural burden and stress, disposable consumables, and saving time from failure.


Example Photo to use VeinVu 100 


 VeinVu 100 is based on the consultation and survey of qualified medical practitioners of intravenous treatment at university hospitals. The research focused on usability, convenience, reasonable price.

In addition, MAJUTECH developed system modularization and hardware/software on its own to achieve superior performance, ease of use, and price competitiveness compared to competitors.

 It will be used in various fields such as general hospitals, cosmetic surgery, public institutions, and national defense.


Normal mode of a vascular image 

Change color of a vascular image




MAJUTECH Inc. was established in 2015, and they obtained patents for vascular fluoroscopy devices and methods, catheter guide systems, and methods. Starting with the sale of VeinVu 100, an intravenous vessel viewer that has been researched with its own technology, the company aims to become the world''s leading manufacturer of intravenous injection with the release of safety catheter and guidance systems.